VRS Warehouse

VRS (Vehicles Receipt Station) is our service for the unloading/stuffing and storage of historic or luxury vehicles.

It is the only structure in Le Havre (Normandy – Western FRANCE) 100% dedicated to this automotive logistics activity.

Our 1,800 m2 bonded warehouse is fully covered and secured by video surveillance.

The team

Our team, passionate about cars, is in charge of the various logistics operations:

Administrative assistants

Vehicle warehouse agents

Import department

We take care of the transport of the container from the port terminal to our warehouse located in Gonfreville l’Orcher (Le Havre, France).

We check the condition of your vehicle, by taking pictures (HD with flash), as soon as it arrives and at each stage of unloading: from opening the doors of the container to storing your vehicle.

We establish a joint examination of the condition of your vehicle. The result is then communicated to the freight forwarder concerned.

All import customs formalities are handled by our team and by a french commission agent dedicated to this activity.

After the removal of wooden or metal supports, ropes and fastening systems in the container, your vehicle is parked in our secure warehouse.

Upon delivery, we hand over your vehicle in person according to our customer’s instructions (Order to Move to Quay).

Additional services on request

Preparation for start-up (cleaning, polishing, pneumatic pressure, pneumatic repair, restarting your vehicle in case of battery failure, small repairs) according to our customer’s instructions,

Long-term indoor storage in France,

Home delivery service at your request and with the agreement of our customer.

Export department

When your vehicle arrives, we check its condition with photos (HD with flash) and we establish a contradictory examination.

The customs broker carries out the administrative customs clearance operations. All information is transferred simultaneously.

We prepare your vehicle for export (battery disconnection, fuel tank emptying, pneumatic pressure, etc.)

We carry out the approach transport of the container and its handling. Once the container has been grounded, our team assembles the wooden supports, ropes and fastening systems. Your vehicle is then loaded into the container, then stowed and secured. All these steps are photographed.

Finally, we carry out the routing of the container to the terminal.

Additional services  on request

Pick up of your vehicle at your home, according to our customer’s instructions,

Long-term indoor storage in France.

For more information, contact us at vrs@transports-duboc.fr


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8 Avenue Marcel Le Mignot