Our network of contacts

We are a member of the FNTR, the national federation of road transport, the leading professional organisation for road transport and logistics.

Created by and for road transport professionals, the FNTR is composed of private French companies of all sizes (groups, SMEs, VSEs) and all specialties.

 For more information: www.fntr.fr

Logistique Seine-Normandie is the network of excellence of Normandy’s logistics actors. The association has 185 members: carriers, logistics providers, industrialists, ports, local authorities, competitiveness clusters, etc.

 For more information: www.logistique-seine-normandie.com

In 2014, Transports DUBOC started specialising in highly secure transport. That same year, the company joined TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) EMEA.

As an association for the protection of transported goods, TAPA is the only international forum that brings together manufacturers, logistics experts, transporters, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders.

The objective: to reduce losses (material and immaterial) recorded in the international supply chain.

TAPA has nearly 1,000 members, 500 of whom are located in the EMEA region (Europe, Africa, Middle East). Today, Transports DUBOC is the only French road transport company for maritime containers that is a member.

 For more information: www.tapaemea.org

The GEIQ (Groupement d’employeurs pour l’insertion et la qualification – Employers alliance for social inclusion and professional qualification) is an association, managed by a Board of Directors composed of 10 Norman transport companies.

GEIQ selects, recruits and makes available employees on professionalization contracts. It organizes training programs for employees and provides them with dual tutoring, provided by GEIQ and the company.

 To learn more, watch this video

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