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Round Trip Triangular
Under controlled temperature
Hazardous materials in packages
1st category abnormal loads

Our services

Round trip, Triangular

Transports Duboc provides Round Trip and Triangular services based on Le Havre. One Way service available subject to availability.

Under controlled temperature

A specialised team is trained in the transport of controlled temperature containers.
Transports Duboc also provides maintenance of refrigerated containers on its site with temperature monitoring. + [Perishable goods]

Hazardous materials in packages

All our drivers are trained in the transport of containers of hazardous materials in packages.
A safety consultant within the company provides advice and monitoring of the specific tasks related to this type of haulage and related operations, in compliance with safety standards and regulations.
Each vehicle is fitted with a case containing personal protective equipment.

1st category abnormal loads

Transports Duboc undertakes the haulage of first category abnormal loads.

Area 1:

Within a 100 km (60 miles) radius of the port of Le Havre.
44 tonnes AGW
+ [In compliance with Prefectural order of January 14, 2005]

Area 2:

All of France
48 tonnes AGW
+ [Decree of November 26, 2003]


Transports Duboc undertakes the preparation of containers requiring fumigation:

  • handling operations to stock the goods on the packing/unpacking area.
  • marking the wooden crates etc used for the goods if necessary

When these operations are completed the customer is able to call in his chosen supplier for the fumigation of the container.

Haulage of "sensitive" goods

Transports Duboc undertakes the monitoring and protection of sensitive goods in real time with tractors fitted with a tracking system and anti-burglary windows.

Transport of waste

Transports Duboc is authorised to transport both hazardous and non-hazardous waste